~~Don Rowing Club Fall Racing Information~~

Welcome to the Don Rowing Club fall racing program!

This summary outlines the costs and responsibilities for members joining us for the fall racing season.
These are just a few notes to be sure all is well understood. We hope you will join us!


Head - Racees 2011 - DRC

2011 .... DRC prepares for the fall season

5 guaarnteed entries for Boston and 8 pending .... DRC is thrilled to send boats over all age-groups to Boston. Head of Welland, Head of Trent and our Time Trials on the Credit River will lead up to Boston.

Some of the DRC boats are still open for rowers, please find the list of boats which will compete during the fall season. If you feel committed enough to row in any of this crews please contact the Head Coach ([email protected]) and try out for one of the boats

Henley 2011 ....

Thursday ... first day of finals 3x 5th and 1x 2nd finish

Today (4th August 2011) the first finals at Henley 2011. In the past 2 days our crews fought the way thru the heats and semis into the Thursday finals. Not all crews of the DRC made the final .... some of them went good and strong into the semis but with all will power and skills ... all our 1x entries failed ... the curse of the DRC singles.


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