CanAmMex - Try-out in Welland 6/7 of June 2011

Results from the CanAmMex Regatta in Welland.

Schoolboys 2011 - CSSRA in St. Catharines 3-5th June

We have all returned from a busy five days of racing in St. Catharines and Welland. With only a few weather hiccups, a four hour delay on Saturday and a one hour delay today, the regattas went well.

Results from the CSSRA regatta in St. Catharines:

Rowers from Hamilton visiting the DRC

During the long weekend rowers from Hamilton are visiting the DRC.

Weeks ago after the storm in the bay of Hamilton a lot of new precautions and policies have to be made in the Hamilton area  and a lot of the rowers in Hamilton are still today not able to row in the same way as they have done before.

Especially some schoolteams have difficulties to get regulary on the water and so the DRC opened for the weekend his facility.


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