DRC seeks Junior and Development Coach

The Don Rowing Club of Mississauga seeks, immediately, a junior and development coach to
assist with its programs for, at leas,t the summer season.

~Mother's Day Regatta 2011~

For a change this year the weather was beautiful! Warm and sunny with only a slight wind in St. Catharines.

The DRC sent a small group of high school crews to race this day.
First race of the day (and first race ever!) was the Senior Mens Double of Mac and Tom Griffith. Mac and Tom came to the club during winter training and stuck it out to get on the water in April. They had a tough heat but beat a boat in their first race. Great job guys!

Training day at the DRC - Junior rowing

A day in May .... the sun is out.

Between 4 and 6pm the junior crews of the DRC meeting and rowing on our Credit River.

This year 45 juniors are training and enjoying the time at the rowing club.
For nearly half of the new DRC members is rowing on our river the first meeting with the element which is surrounding our cities. In small and big boats, in skinny racing singles and big tubs first rowing babysteps are done.
Some of our newbies are already ready to start at the beginner regattas in Barrie and Guelph.
The DRC welcomes all the new juniors


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