Tony Biernacki 12 / Cora Guelph 24

Start in the rowing season 2011

The first close-to-home regatta are done ... DRC went and showed in all age groups strong appearence.


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Tony Biernacki

THE start of the Masters Sprint Season 2011.

Tony Biernacki Regatta - Welland 1k course


To our DRC-racing team at the TB-Regatta .... find attached the new list time line and crew list UPDATE for the Tony Biernacki Regatta at Saturday

please be there in time

if you have a GPS

put this adress on your speaking friend:

Humberstone Road 100, Welland, Ontario, Canada



The first Masters regatta in 2011.

Club Photo 2011 - Shooting 26th June 10.30am

DRC - present calls history

Rec-Rowing appreciation wesk ends at the 26th ... concluding with a big row-together and a BIG breakfast.

Fred Loek .... will be there to .... and he will bring his majesty of camera to ban us on silver.

The Club-Picture 2011 will take place. Every member is invited to take part at this historic shoot infront of our boat house



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