Don Rowing Club Winter Run

Join us for the annual Don Rowing Club Winter Run.  Sunday December 13, 2015 at 9:00AM.  Click on this link for more details and to

and Registration

Recognition of Ed Kornachuk's Long Service at the DRC

As you may have heard, our long serving Junior Coach – Ed Kornachuk – will be leaving us at the end of the month. He and his wife, Margo, will be moving to Winnipeg to be closer to their family. Ed will be joining the coaching staff at the WinnipegRowing Club in the New Year, and will help to develop their junior rowing program.

  Ed at the 2013 RCA Coaching Conference

Remembering Fred Loek

The Don Rowing Club is sending a request for you to share your “Fred” memory, story, words of
inspiration, or even a picture that you may have of Fred – it can be anything. We would like to collect all of these different items and then compile them into a book.

 The piece recently written in the Mississauga News,
(‘Our colleague, our friend, our coach on living life large’; Sept 1, 2015) detailed an episode in the newsroom in 2012, and captured one of the many elements that made Fred so wonderful. “[He] good-naturedly goad[ed] everyone to be better than they thought they could be.” This was Fred.

 It can be clearly seen from the many, many tributes and kind words that have been shared
over the past few days – how much he was appreciated and how much he was loved.
It has been interesting to read that in no matter the setting or context of his life (familial, professional or social) he was a one of a kind and an inspirational figure.

 If you are interested in sharing your Fred memory, story, or picture (they can be anonymous) - please send them to:

 [email protected]

On behalf of the Don Rowing Club, we hope that you will submit a story or memory with us – we hope to capture a small piece of what Fred meant to so many of us. 


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