Dominion Day 2011

2009 - 0 wins / 2010 - 8 wins / 2011 - 16 wins

The DRC racing team is back at Dominion Day. 16 wins, no club could win 2011 more races then our team, St. Catharines with also impressive 13 wins and also the winner of the overall points 495 ... but the DRC-Team just 50 points behind 445 .... close again, but not enough.

The DRC showed an impressive team efford and could win races in all age categories and represents again the strong club in the greater GTA area.

Tony Biernacki 12 / Cora Guelph 24

Start in the rowing season 2011

The first close-to-home regatta are done ... DRC went and showed in all age groups strong appearence.


[G2:30040 class=g2image_float_left]

Tony Biernacki

THE start of the Masters Sprint Season 2011.

Club Photo 2011 - Shooting 26th June 10.30am

DRC - present calls history

Rec-Rowing appreciation wesk ends at the 26th ... concluding with a big row-together and a BIG breakfast.

Fred Loek .... will be there to .... and he will bring his majesty of camera to ban us on silver.

The Club-Picture 2011 will take place. Every member is invited to take part at this historic shoot infront of our boat house



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