Club Events & Calendar

Listed below are the various events held at the Don Rowing Club throughout the year:

Club Calendar - This Calendar provides the day-to-day events happening at the DRC, as well as Regatta Schedule and other notable events on the rowing calendar.

Annual General Meeting - The Annual General Meeting is held every year to elect the Board of Directors and inform the club's members of the previous year's activities. It is also an opportunity to member's to receive the club's accounts and review fiscal information for the past year.

Alumni Reunion - The 2015 Alumni Reunion is a special event happening this year to bring together all of the DRC's members past and present. This event is being hosted by the Friends of the Don Rowing Club.

Tony Fooks Regatta - The Tony Fooks Regatta is annual regatta hosted by the Don Rowing Club and held on the Credit River. It is a regatta for "Sport Rowers", and intended for athletes new to the sport of rowing.

Captain's Dinner - The Captain's Dinner is the club's year-end banquet, where awards and recognition is given to members' for outstanding achievement throughout the year. 

Winter Run - The Winter Run is held every year by the DRC, and includes 5km and 10km races along Mississauga's waterfront trail.