RCA National Development Trials - Welland 28/29 May - RESULTS

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RCA Regatta in Welland

The chance for rowers to present themself and show their ambition for the Canadian National Team.

The DRC was represented in 10 boats. The regatta is the first regatta to be recognized by RCA as a competitive senior rower who is interested in competing for the national team. The DRC always is interested in supporting RCA and especially in handing over skilled and strong rowers. In the past years the DRC had successful members rowing for the national team. Just recently "our" Christy Nurse qualified herself for the women's eight which will represent Canada at the third worldcup in Luzern in 6 weeks. Congratulations.

Todays regatta is the first stepping stone for our "new" competitive rowers 


Single 1x

Mike Harowicz, our heavy boy, qualified yesterday himself for the A-Final. He finished 5th overall .... but it was a big step forward to his goal to represent the DRC colours at Henley this year. A few weeks ago he hit the water the first time and he still is shaky ... but the start and parts of his race show already his possibilies

Kieran Tierney ... our Junior ... needs a preparation for the schoolboy regatta next weekend, so the DRC Junior Head Coach Celena decided to give him the oportunity to race at this regatta. Kieran did well. He made the C-Final and managed to win his final. He made his first step into direction of recognition. The coaches team hopes that Kieran develops further in the right directions.

Peter Filice ... also in the C-Final. Peter finished 5th here, but knowing Peter .... Peter did another big step forward. Coming from nowhere, buying himself a single and training himself hard .... day by day ... evening nearly destroying our trainbridge with his head last week ... Peter is doing amazing. We hope that Peter find his crew this year and we can see succeeding at Henley

Dave Oram ... our chicken from Kingston .... new to the sport Dave came to the DRC last year, as a summer student and not knowing what he is doing ... Dave developed a feeling for our sport and raced the D-Final today .... at least 400m then he pittyful took a bath, but back in the boat he raced behind the field and could nearly catch the last guy ... Dave is training and racing orientated ... we think he will develop to one of our key lightweights of the near future

Laura Sanhueza Miller

A terrible Time Trial on Saturday put her on the 13th rank, so that she was not able to compete for the A final ... racing and qualifying for the C-Final yesterday afternoon ... she showed all her frustration and won her semi way head of her opponents. Todays C-Final ... Laura still angry about herself and with to much aggression she went out of her start way to fast and way to long ... so that she was leading by way to much at the 1000m mark, so that her legs payed the price over the next following 1000m .... the finish line near, the DRC fan club still hoping that she can hold the lead .... but the field is closing to fast and then peep peep peep peep ... the last peep for Laura ... but lesson learned ...

Kathleen Hearn 

Our new competitive racing girl ... Kathleen is working on a lot of individual technique issues .... feathering, squaring, recovery, stroke rate, length and (1000 and one night more things) .... thinking of all this, and with her short term memory storage ... the semi final was to much and Kathleen finished 6th ... so B-Final today. After a long discussion and what to do ... all decision was, just row and do not think so much about your rowing ... and she started like a rocket ... leading the field down the course and winning the B-Final in the second fastest women single time of the day ... Congrats

Pair 2-

Emily/Kathleen .... both girls fairly new to the sport, together 4 times in the pair and Kathleen switched side ... both of them are on their mission to Rio ... they finished 9th (last) but both of them are doing steps forward in undetected land of themself ... innocent grows into names to look at

Lindsay/Kaelan ... after a hard semifinal they find themself in the B-Final. Racing against Emely and Kathleen (doing this now the whole past week) and Kalyna Franco (last year for the DRC, this year for Montreal) and their biggest opponent ... Lindsays foot. Leading by a lot ... Lindsay foot decided to steer the boat over all lanes, nearly into the dock at the finish line and all other places which looked interesting ... the umpire finally without pacient for a novice boat ... disqualification, but winning the race. Both girls show great racing spirit and quality for speed ....

Elise/Sarah and Jen/Kate ... "our" girls (Jen/Elise) who left us this year to qualify for the U23 womens team showed their strength. First and second place for our girls means another stepping stone for the qualification to the team. Congratulations