2nd is the first looser - dominion day somewhere else

Canada Day. The day on the island, the day to be downtown and pirate the water of the island of Toronto - but not this year. Garbage and strike rules Toronto and effects everything, even our beloved regatta in the channels. So the second choice Welland. Again up at 4pm - 18 crews of Don went out to prove and show their excellency. Again excellent whether provided a fair course and our Masters men's coxed four would be the first boat in the water. And as it would be a curse - the evasion to Welland - Gert could not come, another second choice, the coach by himself has to row ... second choice ... second place, and again like a curse the following 10 hours of racing - the Don Rowing Club achieved first looser place by first looser place.

14 second and third places, photofinish by photofinsh, but at the end the medal of honor made of wood. A great day for St. Catharines with 21 victories and maintaining the overall lead of the Cora Regattas this year. For the Toronto area we count 14 Gold Silver and Bronze medal spots for Argonaut and Don and 11 for Hanlan. Argonaut needed 35 entries, Hanlan 24 and Don 18. The glimpse of the moment today has been - Marko is back in rowing and 2nd with Goca in the mixed 2x - our "Chinese" girl Anne worked hard in the 4+ but 2nd - the Junior 8+ leaded by Christian Lausberg grow above all expectations and finished 2nd - and Tiny-Tessa jelled out happily when she finished 3rd in front of Hanlan and Argonaut

Bernhard Stomporowski
Head Coach