Guelph - countryside and showdown

4 in the morning. - the alarm bells, the alarm for guelph -. the eyes of the don rowing club racing crews open and excitement fills the brain with adrenalin.

devotional - all over the greater toronto area the blue racing suits of don, appearing out of the treasure corner of the closets. shaking hands.

the trailer already arrived at the conservational area at guelph. two coaches - in silence, skilled worker hands, unloading the boats. strecher by strecher filled with the material of work.

... our rowers.
32 boats of don racing in burning sun. 32 hopes and 32 reactions of frustrations and happiness.

the meed of asceticism training earned by our toughest crews. our womens 8, never in your wildest dreams get this feeling, 2000m of burning passion blow the whole competition the mark of don.

like a unruly stallion, way in front of the field - silence in the grand stand, honour by silence.

well organized in a summer day our teams running down the course and out of our 32 crew - 22 first and second places have been the result of our crews.

ed, celena, fred and me proud and, after some races, thoughtful of our girls and boys, high fived in the evening when our lwt. mens 8+ just got beat by a length of the leander heavy 8+.

the first results did all of us glad - the track looks straight, just some set screws have to be fixed, but all coaches are focused to set the team to find the coals to move into unforgeable moments.

peter felice and david dvir win their first race in their live, the mens 4x
carter woodward leads the junior b 4x into a future moment
welcome back to matt lausberg, winning the 2x and 4x and his first appearance in the 1x
laundry doublename wins 4 gold and shows tessa and jennifer the possibilities
the coaches and the members of don say thank you to our competing team